Throughout every single project, D&K will endeavour to provide the highest level of customer care and service quality, from the initial enquiry to the project completion and aftercare. D&K accept responsibility for ensuring that our work is progressed to the client’s requirements and that any issues arising are resolved to the satisfaction of all parties as expeditiously as is practicable.

On completion of each project handover, individual meetings will be arranged with the client and the design team when required, to discuss all aspects of our performance. This will provide valuable feedback on our performance level, and should it become apparent improvement is required, action will be immediately and willingly taken to improve the level of our service to our customers.

Our overall aim is to maintain a culture of continual improvement within our business and to develop long standing excellent working relationships with our customers.

Environmental Issues:                 

D&K appreciate that construction can impact significantly on the environment and of course, our lives. D&K recognise that as a sizeable organisation within the industry, we has a part to play in the efficient use of resources during manufacture and construction, the long term sustainability of our creative design solutions and our investments in innovations, which reduce the impact on our natural resources, and not least the environment in which we all live our daily lives.

D&K is an advocate for sustainable business practices and actively seeks out environmentally beneficial solutions and practices for our ongoing operational activity. We at D&K are committed to protecting the environment and accept the company has a responsibility not to compromise the ability of future generations to sustain their needs. We at D&K will try and adopt best practice and assist where possible in developing innovative solutions to environmental issues.

Health & Safety:

The Directors of D&K recognise Health & Safety as a core value. We earnestly believe that the pursuit of excellence in building and maintaining safe standards is not an option but a business necessity and our aim is to create the safest working environment as is possible for our employees. The D&K Health & Safety Policy is reviewed and updated annually by the Senior Management Team. Consultation with employees on health & safety matters take place regularly. All employees are expected to cooperate with the company and participate fully in our efforts to provide and maintain safe and healthy work conditions and safety for visitors to our factory.

We undertake internal audits and inspections, introduce continual improvements and enhancements and complete appropriate training programmes when necessary. Prior to each contract commencement a detailedProject Plan is prepared and this will include in depth Method Statements, Risk Assessments which encompass all pertinent health & safety issues, including Manual Handling Assessments, COSHH Assessments, lifting operations and all other relevant health & safety matters. D&K have an exemplary health & safety record and we wish to ensure this continues in all our future activities.

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Integrated Management Systems:

The Directors of D&K meet on a regular basis to review our Integrated Systems and to the best of our ability ensure the objectives and key performance indicators we strive to achieve are effectively performing.

For D&K to succeed in this integrated management approach, our activities involve several key staff who individually are responsible for their own defined work contribution. This in time results in a continually improving working environment for all. The future success of D&K Architectural Systems is dependent on our ability to provide superior services to its customers in terms of communication, creativity, quality of product whilst ensuring a very safe working environment.

Our primary objectives of the integrated Management System include:

  1. Comply with Health & Safety requirements.
  2. Comply with all regulatory and statutory requirements.
  3. Operate the business in an environmentally friendly way.
  4. Achieve and maintain a level of quality that enhances the Company’s reputation.
  5. To plan and manage continual improvement of the business, by means of these objectives, audits, analysis of internal data and both supplier and customer feedback.
  6. Involve all our staff in the ongoing achievements of these objectives.

Equal Opportunities Policy:

D&K Architectural Systems Ltd is an Equal Opportunity employer.

Our policy is to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex, marital status, disability (with capabilities), religious belief, age, race or political opinion, nor should they be disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which are neither justified nor relevant to the job.Selection criteria and personnel procedures will be reviewed regularly to ensure that individuals are recruited, promoted and treated in all other ways purely on the basis of merit and ability to do the job for which they have applied.